About Us

Company Overview

Offering management resources as well as financial to create long term growth
River Capital Group, established in 2013, is a hybrid Private Equity firm that operates like a family office. We make opportunistic investments in growth companies from 500k to 50 million. We are industry agnostic as we focus on finding companies that will deliver above average returns. Our target investments tend to be with companies that we believe our experience, banking relationships and contacts would add significant incremental value. One hundred percent of our invested capital is that of our principals. We do not take in investors or raise capital from the public at any time. However, we have a handful of similar family offices that have co-invested with us on many transactions

Our Approach

Since we use our own capital it allows for a streamline and timely investment decision
  • Role of Owner
  • Deal Terms
  • Horizon
  • Strategy
  • Importance to Acquirer
  • Governance
  • Employees
  • Culture
  • Brand
Private Equity
  • Multi-year commitment to PE fund; loss of control
  • High leverage; often requires seller co-investment
  • ~5 years or the life of the fund
  • Eliminate costs; financial engineering
  • Part of larger portfolio or absorbed into existing holding
  • Board-level oversight; investor-installed executives
  • Layoffs likely
  • Uncertain
  • Possibly preserved; otherwise eliminated
Sale To Competitor
  • Division manager; new management hierarchy
  • Cash & potentially illiquid stock
  • Situation-dependent
  • Eliminate costs
  • Division of larger company or absorbed into existing firm
  • Subordinate to new management
  • Layoffs likely
  • Bureaucratic
  • Likely absorbed into acquirer's brands
River Capital Group
  • Flexible: full exit, consulting, board, control position, etc.
  • Flexible
  • Long-term
  • Organic growth
  • Platform for growth
  • Energetic, local leadership and board
  • Growth opportunities
  • Encouraged and enhanced
  • Preserved and extended