• We invest our resources into your company to create healthy profits for a long term relationship and revenue growth

A partnership opportunity for your business

River Capital Group invests only where we believe we can add significant value by extending the reach of current efforts, revising and repositioning strategies where appropriate, and financing productive, growth-oriented investments in human and physical capital.

Our Services

Planning for and managing growth are what River Capital Group does, and we offer our resources which can be human capital, as well as financial, to aid and achieve that growth. We typically add value in the following areas within any of our portfolio companies:
Information Technology

Investment in information systems and controls should ensure that routine functions are handled reliably and that information provided is timely, reliable, informative, and complete.


Gaps in or difficulty recruiting talented, experienced individuals to support growth and productivity.

Sales and Marketing

Need for refinement and deployment of integrated sales and marketing strategies to evangelize on behalf of both new and existing products.

New Products and Services

Current products and services that have failed to evolve in concert with demonstrated market opportunities and demand.


Operational misalignments that may have developed over time requiring refinement in order to improve productivity and service levels.

Training and Human Capital

Frequently unaddressed for lack of time, these are critically important elements of productivity and corporate culture.